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Product Description

AQUI-S is used for handling and harvesting fish and other seafood to ensure prevention of disease, prevent injuries, help fish recover and return to normal feedng fast.  Handling Aquatic Animals causes extreme stress to them which compromise the immune system. Sedating fish and other aquatic animals with AQUI-S during health management handling procedures such as vaccinations, bath treatment and health checks will maximize the ability of aquatic animal to withstand re-infection by reducing stress and increasing immunity.

Dosage: AQUI-S produces the optimum result when used on RESTED ANIMALS that have not been stressed prior to application. a) Use 5-10ml AQUI-S per 1000L water for light sedation.  b) Use 15-25ml AQUI-S per 1000L of water for heavy sedation.  Maintain high D.O. or aerate water with oxygen.